Strive to create a multi-path, Agile needs to create a "hundred-year-old shop"


Recently, the 2017 China Brand Value Management Forum jointly organized by 21st Century Business Herald and MetaThink Root Element Consulting Group and the 13th China Brand Golden Elephant Awards finals were held in Shanghai. Among them, Agile’s Lifetime Live Brand Huanxin Case won the "Best Brand Communication Case of the Year" award.

Coincidentally, just a month or so before the Golden Elephant Awards, the Research Institute of the State Council Development Research Center, the Real Estate Research Institute of Tsinghua University and related research institutes jointly organized the "2017 China Real Estate Brand Value Research Conference." Agile has won the “2017 China Real Estate Company Brand Value TOP10” sixth place for its outstanding corporate strength and rapidly enhanced brand value.

Following the announcement last year of "Agile Property" changed its name to "Agile Group", in May this year, Agile Group held a brand new launch conference. Chairman of the board of directors and president of Agile Group Holdings Ltd. Chen Zhuolin personally declared that the group was adjusted to "real estate as the focus" to The "mainly property-based, multi-business parallel" operating model. Today, Agile’s breakthrough path has become increasingly clear, and the upgraded brand image it brings is refreshing.

The "new" starting point of brand upgrade

This year, as a year of full-scale brand upgrade, Agile Group has indeed devoted itself to brand building.

In May of this year, Agile officially opened the "Agile Group Brand New Brand Launch Conference", and released the "Lifetime LOHAS" brand concept and new brand logo. In its newly-designed logo, a brand-new logo that runs from the green tone through the “person” shape expresses Agile’s respect for each individual’s lifestyle.

Compared with the original brand logo, the new logo highlights the characteristics of diversity and integration. In this regard, Chen Zhuolin explained that the original brand logo focused on the understanding and pursuit of architecture, in order to make the brand image more in line with the development strategy, Agile further excavated the attention of people, highlighting the brand positioning and spiritual pursuit of “lifetime LOHAS”. .

After the release of the “Lifetime Lohas” brand, Agile successfully handed the world’s third-largest international sporting event brand “ Tour de France” and held the Tour de France Challenge and series of events in the Chinese region. This has a 114-year history. The world’s most famous event was first introduced to China.

In fact, Agile's branding is not limited to the marketing level. In August 2017, Agile Group announced that it will join hands with the Sichuan Provincial Education Foundation and Bazaar Charitable Foundation to promote the entire industry. For the first time, APL Group, Construction Group, Education Group, Ya Life Group, and Environmental Protection Group launched the “Ya Build and build the future "Ya Le Le Live Charity Project" to conduct sustainable teaching assistant activities for poor mountain schools.

According to public information, since its establishment 25 years ago, Agile has accumulated more than 1.3 billion yuan in donations. In the first half of 2017 alone, Agile has donated a total of 35 million yuan in charitable donations. The charity activities not only enabled Agile to fulfill its brand's social responsibilities, but also made consumers participate in it. They deeply felt the content of the music and music conveyed behind the brand, and conveyed the brand attitude and temperature.

Diversified layout results

In addition to the rapid growth in brand performance, Agile also performed well at the operational level and delivered a rather dazzling transcript.

Agile's interim results show that in the first half of 2017, Agile achieved a pre-sale amount of 40.39 billion yuan, an increase of 42% from the same period of last year, and the average pre-sale price reached 12,466 yuan/m2, a year-on-year increase of 25.3%. At the same time, enterprises actively acquire land through a variety of methods. Among them, the highly developed lands of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao in the Bay Area account for about 30%. At the same time, in terms of financial management, the weighted average interest cost for the first half of the year fell from 7.64% in 2016 to 6.35% in the first half of the year; debt ratio was 69%, and net debt ratio was 0.51, remaining at a low level among peers.

In fact, after a quarter of a century, this real estate company established in Zhongshan and rising all over the country has already reached out to many areas. From deep-growing real estate to diversified development, the layout of Agile Industries has undergone major changes.

In terms of property management, Agile continued to expand its third-party business and will further take over third-party property management projects. At the end of June this year, Greenland Holdings transferred greenfield properties to Agile Property for a price of RMB 1 billion. In mid-August, Greenland Group acquired 20% of Yalife Group, becoming a long-term strategic investor in property management and property equivalent businesses of Agile. In the future, Ya Life is likely to be the first spin-off listing business segment in the Agile Group's diversified segment.

In terms of environmental protection, Agile focuses on solid waste treatment, environmental remediation, and water business, and is committed to becoming a leading environmental service operator. The education group has formed three major areas of preschool education, training and education, and international education. The construction includes general contracting of projects, landscapes, home furnishings, health and intelligent buildings, and prefabricated buildings.

In July 2016, the state formally proposed the characteristics of the development of characteristic small towns. The relevant documents pointed out that by 2020, about 1,000 unique and dynamic leisure tourism, trade and logistics, modern manufacturing, educational technology, traditional culture, and beauty will be cultivated. Livable and other characteristic towns, tie and tie to move the construction of small towns across the country, and constantly improve the level of construction and quality of development.

Through the east wind of the featured town, Agile is also actively promoting cooperation with third parties to develop industries such as health, film, sports, education, environmental protection, and intelligent manufacturing, and build an industrial ecosystem.

Not long ago, Agile partnered with Liu Guoliang and Wang Nan, and signed an agreement with the Nanhai New District of Weihai City to spend 50 billion yuan to build the first small town with special characteristics of the sports industry to jointly create a new model for the sports industry. Up to now, Agile has signed industrial town development agreements with companies such as Emperor Group, Xinsong Robot Investment Co., Ltd., Quanyun Future (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Quanlin Dahe Sports Development Co., Ltd.

As Chen Zhuolin said, Agile has enough confidence and confidence to create a "hundred-year-old shop." Behind the brand escalation, reflecting the stable management style of Agile and the path of multiple breakthroughs, this company is currently experiencing its best stage and can develop in the future.

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