Agile Acquires Double Awards


On January 23, 2018, the "2018 Super Guangdong Influence" Sina Guangdong Weibo Festival was held in Guangzhou.


      Agile Property has won two awards for the “Top Ten Brands of Weibo Brand Influence Award” and “2017 Weibo## Tourism Real Estate Awards Special Award for the Most Popular Real Estate Group”. This is not only the affirmation of Agile by many professionals in the industry, but also the long-term support of many Weibo users.

     Agile Property Receives “Top Ten Brands of Influence in Weibo

     Last year, Agile real estate launched a “Looking Down at the Sea to See Life” campaign on Weibo to create a truly touchable Second Life experience for netizens. The campaign recruits talented people and gathers cross-border culture, emotions, photography, and food. The multi-dimensional, three-dimensional style leads the life style of the entire network, and provides netizens with valuable life guidance. Outstanding in the industry, created a double brand award.

Brand Upgrade Reveals People-Centered Lifelong Living

      2017 was a year when the Agile brand was fully upgraded. Agile held a brand new conference, released a new brand concept and brand logo, highlighting the "people-oriented" brand positioning and spiritual pursuit. Relying on the case of “Lifetime Live” brand revitalization, it won the “Best Brand Communication Case of the Year” in the 13th China Brand Golden Elephant Award.

      All the time, Agile respects each individual's lifestyle, strives to provide a wide range of products and services, and operates in an ambiguous manner, seeking to understand the needs of each client from the details and improve every detail of life, The ultimate achievement of a “lifetime and joyful” comprehensive experience will enable people to live a variety of ideal lives and create a beautiful living environment.

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